200-220 Series

The stainless steel 200 Series Pipe-Saver® Clamp comes in 3", 6", 9", 12", and 18" lengths, in single section to fit 1/2" - 8" standard steel pipe, and in two sections to fit 10" - 24" standard steel pipe. Cemented-in gaskets are available with a choice of smooth or gridded surfaces.

A clamp is also available with a separate cone gasket to close holes or deep pits. High carbon steel bolts with corrosion-resistant plating are standard; stainless steel bolts optional.


  • Repair holes
  • Repair splits
  • Heavy bolt shoulders prevent turning in lug.
  • Steel bolt has rolled, spin-fit threads to speed installation.
  • Heavy, hex nut provides more thread contact for greater strength.
  • Type 304Lstainless steel band
  • Ductile iron lugs are shaped to provide uniform clamping pressureonpipe.
  • Maximum water working pressure for properly installed clamps withnuts tightened to 500inch-pounds torque*: 1/2"-4" 350 psig (2400 kPa/24 barg); 6"-8"200psig (1375kPa/14 barg);10"-12"150psig; 14"-16"100psig (700kPa/7 barg),18" - 24"60psig (425kPa/4 barg).

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200 Series Pipe-Saver Pipe® Repair Clamps