230 Series

The stainless steel 230 Series Mini-Band Clamp features full 360º sealing capability for repairing pinholes, punctures, splits and small abrasionson 1/2"-2" rigid pipe (copper, steel or PVC). It is available in 3" and 6" lengths. The gasket includes integral stainless steel gap bridges that are recessed and bonded to the gasket. Zinc-plated steel bolts are standard; stainless steel bolts optional.


  • Full Encirclement - gasket wraps 360º for uniform seal on larger leaks.
  • Compact, convenient size - small size fits in tight spaces, available to repair 1/2" to 2" pipes made of copper, PVCor steel. Choice of 3" or 6" length.
  • Bands - are made of Type 304L Stainless Steel with Ductile Iron Lugs.
  • Pressure rating* - for properly installed clamp:150 psig (1025 kPa/10 barg) on steel or copper — 60 psig (425kPa/4barg) on PVC.
  • Bolts - are zinc plated steel and have spin-fit threads to speed installation 304 stainlessstell bolts and nuts are optional.
  • 304L stainless steel "gap bridges" - stainless steel plates recessed and bonded to gasket as sure uniform sealing pressure all around pipe circumference.
*IMPORTANT:PIPE REPAIR CLAMPS have demonstrated their capability to seal against water pressures commonly encountered in distribution systems. Smaller diameter clamps of a given design can seal against higher pressures than larger ones. In addition, the pressure that a clamp can contain is effected by the torque applied to the bolts, the uniformity of bolt tightening (when there is more than one bolt), as well as the type and extent of pipe damage, surface condition of the pipe,environmental conditions, and installation workmanship.

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230 Series