510-519 Series

Full-Seal Pipe Repair Clamps provide an economical repair for circumferential breaks or cracks, multiple leaks or holes in pipe. They are available in standard lengths for cast iron, ductile iron, standard steel pipe, PVC and A-C pipe. Each clamp size can accommodate a wide range of O.D. variations. High efficiency pipe repair clamp offers long life in most soils and atmospheres.


  • Corrosion-resistant alloy steel lug
  • Bolts and nuts - Bolts and other clamp components have service life expectancies compatible with the rest of your system.
  • Exclusive lug design - of lightweight, strong ductile iron is coated with rust inhibitor. Lugs are self-aligning to provide uniform pressure along full length of clamp. They locate pulling force close to pipe surface for easy tightening without bolt bending.
  • Bands - are made of type 304L stainless steel.
  • Maximum working pressure* - for properly installed clamps at 150F maximum working temperature: 2"-8" 500/510 series 300 psig (2070 kPa/20 barg); 10"-12" 500/510 series 200 psig (1380 kPa/14 barg); 14"-36" 510 series 150 psig (1035 kPa/10 barg)
  • 304L stainless steel "gap bridges" - recessed in and cemented to gasket where band sections join, add support to provide 360° clamping pressure.
  • Captive bolts - have deep non-galling, spin-fi thread and one is extended in length for fast installation. Plus heavy shoulders to prevent turning in lug. Heavy hex nuts provide more thread contact for strength.
  • Tapered end gridded gasket - is made of specially compounded Nitrile rubber, has a gridded pattern for positive sealing and tapered ends to make installation quick and easy.
  • Longer length starter bolt & nut - for easier installation (one per side on 4" and larger sizes).
  • Repair pulled services, broken pipe with Servi-Seal Clamp.
  • Repair leaks and holes in pipe.
  • Repair longitudinal cracks.

510 Series Xtra-Range Full-Seal Pipe Repair Clamps


511 - 519 Series Xtra-Range Servi-Seal Pipe Repair Clamps