541 - 549 Series Single Section Servi-Seal All Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps

541 - 549 Series Single Section Servi-Seal All Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps

541 - 549 Series Single Section Servi-Seal All Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps - with integral 3/4" through 2" IP/CC Threaded service outlet-for 2" through 12" cast iron, ductile iron, steel pipe, A-C and PVC pipe.

Full Line Catalog

Standard Lengths: 7-1/2", 10", 12-1/2", 15", 20", 30"

Nominal Pipe SizeClamp size-numberClamp O.D. range*Cast IronDuctile IronCast Iron O.D. PVCSteel***A-C Rough Barrel
2"2352.352.6359.766.850-250,A, B, C, DAll-2"-
2-1/2"2702.703.0068.676.250-250,A, B, C, DAll-2-1/2"-
3"2972.973.2575.582.5---3" O.D.-
3"3733.734.0094.8101.650-250,A, B, C, DAll---
3-1/2"3953.954.25100.3107.9---3-1/2" (4"O.D.)-
4"4454.454.87113.1123.650-250, AAllClass150,200STD-
4"4744.745.14120.4130.550-250,A, B, C, DAllClass150,200-Class 100**, 150
4"4954.955.35125.8135.8----Class 100**, 150
4"5225.225.62132.6142.7---5" O.D.Class150,200
6"5955.956.35151.1161.3---6" O.D.-
6"6566.566.96166.6176.850-250, AAllClass150,200STD-
6"6846.847.24173.8183.850-250,A, B, C, DAllClass150,200--
6"7057.057.45179.1189.2----Class 100**, 150
8"8998.999.39228.4238.550-250,A, B, C, DAllClass150,200--
8"9279.279.67235.5245.6----Class 100**, 150
10"9709.7010.10246.4256.5---10" O.D.Class200
10"110411.0411.44280.5290.650-250,A, B, C, DAllClass150,200--
10"114011.4011.80289.6299.7----Class 100**
12"131013.1013.50332.7342.950-250,A, B, C, DAllClass150,200--
12"134013.4013.80340.4350.5----Class 100**

To specify the catalog number, provide the following information:

  1. Style number—541-549 (see chart below)
  2. Length—Standard length available (inches): 7-1/2 (list as “7”), 10, 12-1/2, 15, 20, 30
  3. Size number—from chart onpage 15.18
  4. Catalog number prefix or sufix for optional features, if desired.

The catalog number for a Single Section Servi-Seal Repair Clamp with 3/4" IPoutlet, 12" clamp length for 8" cast iron pipe is 541-12-899.

Clamp style numberClamp lengthClamp size number

Clamp Style Number

Style numberSize / type of outlet tapping threadSizes available*
5413/4" IP2.35-14.40
5431" IP2.35-14.40
5451-1/4" IP4.45-14.00
5461-1/2" CC4.45-14.00
5471-1/2" IP4.45-14.00

Extra Nuts and Washers for Mueller Single Section Full Seal All Stainless Repair Clamps

Clamp sizeBolt sizeBolt part numberNut part number
4"-12" (standard nut)5/8"311581311582
*Clamps available to fit specific size pipe within this nominal size range.

Deep Socket Wrenchs

Specially designed for use with Mueller Full-Seal Repair Clamps. Long ratchet handle has thumb-tip reverse. Deep sockets (3-1/4") have double hex (12 pt.) and 1/2" square drive.

Part numberDescription
51520415-3/4" with reversible ratchet handle
5152071-1/16" socket for 4" and larger clamps

Bonding device for cathodic protection


Metallic conductors are set in the gasket to provide contact between the band and the pipe surface and are available on all 500 series clamps. These conductors permitelectrical current flow by establishing positive contact with pipe and band on each side of the pipe crack or break. To specify optional bonding device for cathodic protection, add a prefi of “2” to catalog number. Example: 2-541-12-899.